Bringing Expertise to the Process!

Virtual Expert Lautering

Lauter tun controlled by experts!

Inconsistent malt qualities as well as variation-related milling and mashing often lead to longer process times and varying yield and quality.

The decisive factor, however, is the optimal balancing and interaction of individual components when it comes to lautering.

Virtual Expert Lautering offers a completely new way of managing the brewing process.

The software considers and optimizes all relevant parameters of a lautering process simultaneously – this ensures the optimal management of your brewing process.

This minimizes lautering time, avoids bottlenecks / supply shortages and guarantees maximum yield. And importantly – consistent beer quality.

Virtual Expert Lautering can be integrated into any existing system, with lauter tuns from various manufactures, and without downtimes or production losses.

Your advantages

  1. Minimization of lautering times
  2. Maximization of yield
  3. Quality assurance
  4. Safeguarding of know-how
  5. Product Safety